Another door was opened.

Today is my first day at my new work. It’s my third work here in Singapore. The whole day I was attending induction with other new staffs and it will last till Friday. Yes, 3 days induction what a big organization and that I need to learn and adapt. I came down in the office on the dot based on the email instruction of the HR. I was escorted by the HR to my new desk with (this is the highlight) 2 big monitors. Putting an equation, 2 big monitor = more work! Don’t worry I’m prepared on this battle in fact i look forward having a better life inside a client side than the agency (sweat shop). People around greeted me randomly and they introduced themselves. I was surprised by the good culture. My boss even sent out an email across all our headquarters to introduce me. On my desk, I received my company umbrella, stationary material, pass card and (*drum roll please..) 92 emails to read. Yep, first day with 92 emails. I didn’t had a decent lunch as I only have an hour to eat and go back for my induction.

Right after work because it’s Wednesday. I have my bible study group in Cityhall which is one train ride away from my new office. This is our first meet up for this year and we discussed the topic- Gesture. How gesture can make a difference and impact someones life. We are 4 in the group who attended while the other 4 cannot make it for some personal reason. We also have a new member named Nikki who is a preschool teacher. It was announced that my current lifegroup leader will promote me as an Assistant leader and my friend Talyn will be the new leader of our group once Julls give birth to Anika. It was an honor to be promoted not in my workplace but in my spiritual group. I will have a privilege to disciple and spread the word of God to others. It is a very exciting promotion by God and I look forward for more great adventure this year. Thank you Lord for this opportunity to step up.


Day 12 to 20

I’m not blogging for the past 8 days simply because my whole body was down due to swollen throat that resulted to fever and cough. I’m still thinking up to now if I should summarize the 8 days or share what I’ve done every single day. But there’s nothing to tell on a daily basis as I just stayed in my room all the time trying to recover. Imagine me just eating plain porridge with sugar on New Years eve (so pathetic). I suffered from my swollen throat for few days then decided to see a doctor to get some antibiotics. Right after taking antibiotics my whole system reacted and resulted to diarrhea ( start of the new year is not so good for me) I always call my family through face time to not get bored and have somebody to be with me all time. Imagine how I feel looking to them having great Filipino dish at home while I’m swallowing the nonsense porridge just to feel well. I lose my voice at some point in time (until now) but hopefully it will come back soon. I had a hard time sleeping for the past week as I cough very hard during night. On the lighter note, I am confident that I lose weight lol.

Tomorrow I wil start working with my new work. I’m a bit nervous even though this is not my second or third job ( don’t ask about my work experience it will be a different story). Wish me luck!

Blog Challenge: Day 3 & 11

Day 3: 2 Christmas parties to attend on this day. The first one was with my Churchmates that was held at Pasir Ris park. It was a BBQ party of 2 Lifegroups. The next one was with my housemates family. It was a crazy long fun day.

Day 4: Because of my hangover from the two parties I didn’t had a chance to go to church on this day instead I just stayed at home and rest.

Day 5: I am out of the house for the whole day rushing for my last minute Christmas shopping and errands. I went to Jollibee for lunch to kick start my day and Wendy’s for dinner however when I reached home I need to vomit what I ate for dinner and I didnt had a good sleep at all. 😦

Day 6: Because of no sleep, bodyache, vomiting I need to cook plain lugaw with sugar only for lunch.I am trying to recover the whole afternoon as Christmas is approaching and we will have a simple noche Buena with my housemates. We ordered pancit and puto for Niche Buena and I made fruit salad for dessert.

Day 7: Christmas day! Well I stayed at home on this day. Missing my family back home. 😥

Day 8: I cleaned my room on this day and went out to grab dinner in Tampines.

Day 9: I’m squeezing my brain to remember what I’ve done on every single day. Lol! On this day, I went out for Christmas dinner with my ex-colleauge in Orchard Central. It was a Japanese buffet that lasted for more than 3hours of non stop eating. I even raised my white flag to surrender but my friends keep getting a new plate. It’s always nice to be reunited with those people you have worked with. And we are hoping that we will do that again soon. (Hope it’s not a buffet anymore, lol!)

Day 10: another dinner! This time it’s with my highschool friend with his wife. Whew! I tell you I need to drink hot tea on every meal to make sure that I can digest all the food.

Day 11: Last day of church service before the year end. Yes! I made it on the 2nd service eventhough I was stucked in jam at ECP. After church I hurriedly visit Zara and Mango (guess why, SALE!) It took me an hour to go around the shop and fit. I will end my sentence without any hint if I bought anything lol! Then had a quick lunch in Dhoby and went home to take my Sunday nap followed by my Sunday run.

*hey J and H, this challenge is too much pressure on me lol!

Blog Challenge: Day 1 & 2

I was challenged by my friends J and H to write down my daily experience while I’m a bummer. Yes you read it right. I haven’t wrote down anything from the past as I’m very busy on my last few days at work. I will be a bummer for 3 weeks before I start working with my new company. For 3 weeks there’s no concrete plan of what I will be doing on each day but be assured that I have a list of things that I wanted to accomplish. So what are we waiting for let me share to you what i’ve done with Day 1 and 2. (No images or whatsoever only highlights :p)

Day 1: Well i think you guess it right if you know me. It all started by waking up at around 10am. Ahhh the pleasure of long sleep have started. I’m still feeling lazy to get up but my tummy said go out of your bed and start your day by feeding me. All i have that day was a piece of bread to start. I went to the kitchen and thawed my jurassic hotdog (tender juicy from the Philippines) which i don’t touch only in case of emergency like now with longganisang hamonado. Surprisingly when i looked on my food cabinet I have nothing but a cooking oil and a can of corned beef. I think you already know what i’ve done that day. In the afternoon, i went to Tampines which is one station away to go to Katipunan which is the filipino store to buy some basic ingredients like suka, toyo, patis and bagoong. Then went to Tampines mall to quickly grab a cooked ulam to survive the day.

Day 2: so basic ingredients are in (check). I cooked Salmon as Sinigang as Miso that day. I bought One whole Salmon head in Fair price. The soup lasted till the following day.